Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aortic arch ballooning...again!

Hi everyone,  I have been having so much fun getting to know Kaleb that I almost forgot about my ya blame me??? I knew you would understand! I am sure some of you are eager for an update on my little man so here it is...well for the most part he is doing well.
He is gaining weight and growing and is smiling and cooing and being a wonderful little baby.
What isn't going so well is his heart!
He will be having a procedure Wednesday the 28th to balloon his aortic artery AGAIN! Thats right he had this done before it caused him to have a blood clot in his leg! Well the artery is 85% blocked and that is VERY serious .I have been watching him very closely the last few days, hoping we make it to Wed. and not have to have an emergency procedure done before! So far so good, he does sleep alot more and wears out easier from eating and play, but doesn't seem to be in any pain. 
I appreciate any prayers you could give especially Wed. at about 11:00 am when he is scheduled to go in. They said he should be able to go home later that day but to bring a suitcase with me  just in case he has to stay. I can and will be staying in the room with him if he has to stay over night. 
I will let everyone know as soon as I get home how it all went. 
Thank you and God bless,

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